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personal style

Ever watch that show what not to wear? Everytime they start to throw all of the "fashion victim's" wardrobe in the trash I find myself…
kalirachelhanks Nov 27, 2012

Look Of The Week: Rebel Rebel

Reblogged from Katy Bambie This week I was inspired by a song by David Bowie Rebel Rebel. This week I put together suited Ragged jeans and…
kalirachelhanks Nov 26, 2012 Originally by kattty

10 Tips To Be Successful

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching 1. Take Risks  Do not be afraid to take risks…where is the fun in that? If you want something, go for it!…
kalirachelhanks Nov 25, 2012 Originally by audrey


for those of you who have checked out my blog feel feww to follow me on twitter @kalihanks and instagram @kalifornialove15 i do my best…
kalirachelhanks Nov 25, 2012

fashion school

After a quarter in fashion school I think its safe to say i have a pretty good feel of what I have gotten myself into…
kalirachelhanks Nov 25, 2012
kalirachelhanks Oct 02, 2012
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About Me:

currently a student at the fashion institute of design just trying to find my place in the sorld and make a name for myself. I want to inspire others as much as other have inspired me.I want to share my excitement for fashion with the world.

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